Friday, August 16, 2013

I'm writing from Long Island today. Kind of "fall like" weather. So nice.
OK, so I won the ebay auction for my Gerneral Electric 1960's RED iron. It only cost me $109.00.......delivered! Well, it was really fun anyway! And so fun to use the iron. These babies get soooo hot! As I said before, I have a black one and a pretty green one. This red one is heavier than they are. No "pressing" required! Picture later.
I'm working on American Girl doll clothes patterns right now. Niece Kaylee will be the recipient. She has 2 dolls. She has already asked her mom, Tracy, if I can make matching outfits for her and a doll. Boy, she caught on fast! She is 5 right now.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Well, we are finally able to enjoy the Adirondack summer! What a heat spell we had! Hope you are all cooler, too.
Today I thought I would tease you with these cute circle blocks! I came up with the technic and would really like to share the idea. I am not at all original usually, but this came to me a couple of days ago. I'm going to incorporate some into my summer arrowhead block quilt. I have a bunch of arrowheads made thanks to the technic I learned in my latest Craftsy Course, "Traditional Blocks Made Simple".
Anyway, leave me a post so I know you're there and reading my little blog page and I'll post a tutorial.
Stay calm and carry on!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I'm working on my arrowhead quilt. Making great progress! Still can't believe how enjoyable it is to use starch  and really hot iron to iron cotton fabric. Also found a RED iron on ebay!!! Don't lose this one! Will keep you posted.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Well, it's June 25th and all is well!

I just ordered (6) - 1/2 gallons of liquid laundry starch from Amazon. Liquid starch you say? Well, my Craftsy class instructor showed us how she uses it for piecing quilts so I was game. Actually I ironed a couple more things with the spray can starch and loved the way it smells and feels! The liquid is so much cheaper! Way cheaper, so I ordered it by a case...... oh boy. Maybe over kill but it was only $23 delivered. How can you pass that up I ask? Will last for years I guess.

I'm attaching a photo of my current work space with another arrow block, my spray starch and my "new" 1960s iron, the "green machine". Isn't she pretty? It looks smaller that modern steam irons but actually the sole plate is bigger and boy, does it get hot!

Behind the starch can is a pile of blocks in progress. I try to do assembly line piecing!

The surface is an old drafting table I got for $1 at an auction. It's so great for sewing. It can be very tall and it can fold up. Very sturdy, too. The top is 2' x 4' and covered with quilted ironing board fabric and 2 layers of cotton duck fabric. It's big enough to iron and and have a cutting mat on. Oh boy! I win!

 Oh, you might also wonder about the paper plate. Our instructor showed how she keeps herself organized in a small work space by using paper plates to stack up with blocks in progress on them. Too fun!

And this is just the sunset last night over the house next door to us.
Bye troops !! Keep sewing and enjoy the sunsets!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Today is Sunday, June 23, 2013. Tonight is the "supermoon"! Are you ready? Hope it's not cloudy.

I had forgotten how lovely is the smell of fabric being starched by a really hot iron! Well, I'll explain. I have just concluded another Craftsy course on quilting. This one is "Traditional Blocks Made Simple". Wow, who knew you could make an arrowhead block so easily!! The teacher is Anita Grossman Solomon. She shows her fabric prep which includes using bottled liquid starch and plenty of spray starch with really hot iron. Her techniques for block piecing are stupendous.
In her course she is shown using a vintage red electric iron. Toooo cute! It is a dry iron and gets really hot. She speaks so lovingly of it! Anyway, of course I had to find one. Seems that some other students who took her course had the same idea! The notes from others in the "class" speak about getting an iron from ebay. Seems a couple of them scored red ones.

Well, I found a gorgeous light olive green one on etsy!! It will be here tomorrow. It will match several of my vintage Kenmore sewing machines. How cool is that?

These are my first blocks. I have now cut out enough squares for a bed quilt. I think I will really make it and have someone quilt it for me. Bed size quilts always seem so daunting but this one has me excited as long as someone else quilts it for me Wish me luck!

You should check out the Craftsy courses. Some are even free. You can access them forever. The instructor answers questions and you can keep going back to see a point.
I've also been sewing up some doll quilts, What do you think?

And now for the most fun of all! How about this doll bed. It's a clementine crate and paint stir sticks! Love it! It has a "real" mattress, fitted sheet, removable dust ruffle, reversible quilt, pillow and pillow cases. Took me 2 days to make the darn thing but it was really fun.
I gave it to our niece Kaylee a few weeks back. Her grandma says she is still playing with it.
That's all folks!! Leave me a comment if you visit. Thanks!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Well, I'm busy!!! Trying to get ready for a big fair day in September!
How do you fill a whole booth with handmade articles? I love to piece quilts but I suspect you can never get as much as they are worth so, I've done up a bunch of "mug rugs", some really cute flannel baby blankets, pin cushions, tissue holders, clocks (really!), crocheted scarves, etc. Much more to do. Maybe share space with someone! I don't expect to make a LOT of money, just some to defray the cost of my "habits"!! My vintage sewing machines, sewing and crafting are my "habits".

How about you? Have you had luck with selling things? How do you get enough to sell? Let me know!
Check back soon!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Well, it's been awhile since I posted anything, but I have been sewing and collecting more machines, of course!
My latest machine is a Kenmore 158 17030. Very nice stitcher! "He" was rescued from a  thrift store by a 19 year old college student and given the name "Kenneth". Too cute. She has a collection of vintage machines, enabled by her mother. I love the machine and bought it from her.
I started a quilt that is a little involved! There are 16 appliqued owls with about 8 parts to each. Yikes!